So I made a couple things

Hello. Welcome back? I am definitely paying attention to Gemini. Yep. Anyway, I made a couple things. A program, and an "album".

Night Light

Code directory (for more information)

I made this thing a while ago, in order to solve a problem that I had with losing track of time while doing work digitally, and decided only recently that I might as well publish this. Maybe somebody else will find it useful, too. It's kind of janky and not a perfect solution to anything, but I think it's superior to every other "break reminder" program out there. At least for my purposes. Myself, now I have a new problem with forgetting to re-open it after I close it so Inkscape can work.


(Kill Me), Maybe

I can't fully explain why I did this. The idea took hold of me and then I couldn't stop until I was finished with it. So, JerryTerry's Kiss Me (Kill Me) is a sort-of cover of Sixpence None The Richer's Kiss Me, re-imagined as a sort of horror short film thing.

Kiss Me (Kill Me)

(Kill Me), Maybe, is an album that combines Kiss Me (Kill Me) with the original Kiss Me, and then does it again, and again, and again... some tracks are quite low effort, some took more time, nothing is consistent, nothing is predictable, it's never what you expect and never exactly the same thing twice - unless you expect it won't be. Listen to it all the way through to "enjoy" the "experience", or throw the entire thing into your music library to make your listening experience more... interesting.

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