Being Digital

I've been reading the book "Being Digital", by Nicholas Negroponte, recently. As much as I want to avoid becoming the sort of person who starts blog posts with "I've been reading", I think it is now too late. Anyway. The book is from 1995, and it makes a lot of predictions for the evolution of digital technologies across the past 20 years. It's fun to read and keep score of how good the predictions ended up being. A lot of them did come true, in one way or another. But a lot of the more concerning aspects of modern digital life are completely missing from the book's predictions. And then there are things so bizarre that I don't think anybody could have possibly expected them, which reminded me of something...

White Text on a Black Background

So, I wrote this. It's by far the longest single thing I've ever put on here, and I'm not sure it's completely coherent. I almost exclusively worked on this while sleep-deprived and haven't done much proofreading, so, if it doesn't make much sense to you, that would explain it.

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