Now with more rambling

Since the last post, I've added two more articles: One about a difficulty I've run into buying American things online from Australia, and one about a personal problem I have with the way we track time. I'm not sure who the audience is for these, to be honest. I've sort of just written out my thoughts without thinking of who might like to read them, or even if anybody would. Hopefully at least somebody finds them interesting or informative.

My problem with time

Buying things online

The code section now has the one promised program that was the easiest for me to make usable. It's the joke political compass test; while it is a joke, I do think the way it displays results is interesting. Most political tests are very opaque about how they generate their results. More transparency gives you room to question the results, along with making sharing a screenshot of your results with people much more exciting. I'll fix up those other two programs when I have the time and motivation for it - which may be never!


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