The obligatory first post

Hello Gemini! And hello to people finding this capsule from elsewhere too. I've just gotten this thing set up, though I can almost guarantee that there'll be a link out of place somewhere. I'll make an obligatory second post when everything seems to be in order.

As for the purpose of this gemlog, I'm not sure I consider my own life exciting enough to write about (and I do like to preserve my privacy when I can). But Gemini really likes feeds. So, this will mostly just serve as a changelog for the capsule. Whenever I make a significant addition, I'll add a post here along with some meta-commentary so you can subscribe to my creative output, if you want.

To comment on what's here from the beginning, I've decided to set out at least some stuff before going live with the Capsule. If I start with "no content, please come back later", nobody really knows why they should come back later. But hopefully the stuff already on here gives you at least some reason to. And if I never update the capsule again - well, at least I made something.

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