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The script I use to update this capsule

For any other users who may see this:

lftp -c 'set sftp:connect-program "ssh -a -x -i ~/.ssh/pollux_ssh_key"; open sftp://pseudo@pollux; mirror --verbose=3 -n -R --exclude-glob .* ~/local_capsule_folder/ /capsule/'

I have no idea how it works, or even what exactly it does. I wrote this some time ago and didn't keep notes. I can almost guarantee that there is some prerequisite step required to get ssh to work here (where is the domain name? I do not know). The important thing is that this script mirrors the entire local_capsule_folder to without any extra fiddling required.

The Affirmatron

The Affirmatron is a political(?) compass(?) test that measures your level of agreement with Australian Pop Duo Savage Garden's 2000 song *Affirmation*. Works in Python 3. Probably. Uses tkinter.

The Scrambler Handler

Another python program, this one finds anagrams of words. Of course, there are many other programs out there that do the same thing, and they'll probably even do it faster, but this one has a couple options you might find useful (and allows you to set your own wordlists, of course).

And some wordlists to start. I don't remember where I got these from...




Night Light

A Godot project, but not a game! This is a fairly basic "reminder" tool. It stays on top of your screen and displays a slowly shrinking spotlight around your mouse cursor to indicate that you've gone some time without a break, or that it's getting late at night. Configurable, Windows only, likely broken on other computers.


A web-based "tap to find bpm" tool. There's already a few of these, including one I really like, but this has a handful of extra features (improved calculation, exporting) and a visual display. I made this for the Rhythm Doctor custom levels scene, but if you're making anything else that syncs to music, you might find it useful.

The button that says the name of the player that is playing the game (for MacOS)

If you know what this is, it will probably seem slightly funnier to you. But anyway, this is the button that says the name of the player that is playing the game. There is an implementation for Karabiner-Elements, which will activate the button when you press the right option key on a physical keyboard, and for the inbuilt MacOS Accessibility Keyboard, which will allow you to use the button (with graphics!) as a virtual button on your screen.

the button that says the name of the player that is playing the game.json (for Karabiner-Elements)

To install this button for Karabiner-Elements, you'll need to install Karabiner-Elements, unsurprisingly, which I leave as a task for you to figure out. Then, place the button that says the name of the player that is playing the game.json in ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/ and enable it in Karabiner-Elements' Complex Modifications menu.

The Button That Says The Name of The Player That is Playing The Game.ascconfig (for the Accessibility Keyboard)

To install this button for the on-screen keyboard, you just need to copy and paste the panels in this file into the "Panel Editor" in the Accessibility Keyboard settings (in System Preferences). All the required software is already on your device! Aside from the button itself, of course.

Your Gemini browser may not make it very easy to download this because it's technically a folder. So uh, here's a zip version.

The Button That Says The Name of The Player That is Playing The

What will maybe, possibly, be here someday

I'm taking some time to make these programs at least *usable* by others before putting them up here - they're all sort of originally written for myself only. And I should warn you: unlike some of the fantastic software developers around geminispace, I have no idea what I am doing. No guarantees that any of this stuff works; and if you look at the code, don't expect to like what you see.

All software located in this directory is licensed under the Unlicense. This may tempt you to try to build something based on it. I recommend against this: it's honestly going to be easier to take the idea and just build it yourself from scratch.


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