about me


More information about me can probably be ascertained by checking out the rest of this capsule.

Feel free to contact me at [digit two]twos[circled "a" symbol]protonmail[dot]com. I wonder, is there really any reason to obsfucate emails here on gemini? Or is it just something of a superstition?

You can also find me on Station, but I'm not sure that counts as a contact method.

my Station profile

And I've recently started posting on Cohost, though like Station, I might run out of good things to put there eventually.


...and I'm also active in a few other places online. If you see a "twotwos", or perhaps a similar number-based name, that might be me. Might. I wouldn't mind if you asked (though other people with the same username may)! I'll see you around.


🖇 gemini://twotwos.pollux.casa/about.gmi