I've made a handful of simple games with the Pico-8 fantasy console. I never repeat myself, so for more information, see the posts I put up on the lexaloffle forum for them. You can also download the cart images directly from here if you own Pico-8. Only some of these are good, but I have listed all of them (in reverse order of creation and thus roughly quality) for posterity.

GAME/SET/MATCH (a game about venn diagrams)

cartridge 🖼️


Bounceball: Golf! (golf, mostly)

cartridge 🖼️


Yet another snake game (it's snake, unsurprisingly)

cartridge 🖼️


Corruption race (a platformer that rapidly corrupts itself)

cartridge 🖼️


Bounceball deluxe (my take on the first pico-8 game everybody makes.)

cartridge 🖼️



I've also made a few games in the open-source Godot engine. However, only one was good enough for me to go to the effort of uploading it to the web. Friends are required.

By the way, gives me aggregated statistics for the count of people who viewed the page, played the game, etc. I don't think this is a service on, so I guess this one link is now how I'm going to be tracking how many people find this capsule :).


I once got very sidetracked on the internet and somehow ended up reading advice that suggested the use of UNO cards for fortune telling if Tarot cards weren't available. Then I wondered what it would be like if you were to do it the other way around. The result is Tarot UNO: UNO, but even more ridiculous. You play with a standard deck of Tarot cards. The minor arcana behave similarly enough to the standard UNO cards to be familiar, but differently enough that you'll need to be reminded about how they work every time. The major arcana all have dramatic and game-breaking effects (loosely based on their interpretations in tarot - but I bought a deck just to make this game, so I probably got everything wrong). It is not balanced. It will probably be very confusing to play without me there to explain the weirder rules. But it's a lot of fun! Best with 5-8 players who think Fluxx has an unfairly poor reputation.

Rules (pdf)

Rules (rtf - set font to DejaVu mono to print correctly)

Rules (txt)

I've put a lot of playtesting into this game, but still, every time I play it we come up with some rule change or clarification that usually improves it a little. If you decide to play this game with your group, don't be afraid to house rule things you think should be changed! Write your own destiny.


The Higher We Climb, The Harder We Fall

Yes, the number is the same for everyone. Get climbing. And... let me know if you get up high enough.

I made this for two reasons: one, I wanted to try out Glitch. And two, this is an idea I've had for a while but have never had the technical skill to actually implement, until now. Making a project on the web, even a really simple one like this, that interfaces with a database, is pretty tricky to do with no experience. But, Glitch has a template that pretty much does it all for you, so... here we are.

Someday, I would like to remake this project for Gemini, probably using Cadence's Bliz server, just because it seems easy. A lot easier than making this in the first place on the Web with SQlite, and node.js, and... probably other dependencies that were just in this template... yeah, I think Gemini is easier. Only difficulty is that I don't have my own server yet! Ah well, this server is nice and I don't quite have the capibility to self-host. I hereby declare that if anybody else wishes to they may clone this idea and make their own Gemini version. Not that you weren't allowed to do that before, but now you know you have my blessing :)