This area is still under construction...

The Affirmatron

The Affirmatron is a political(?) compass(?) test that measures your level of agreement with Australian Pop Duo Savage Garden's 2000 song *Affirmation*. Works in Python 3. Probably. Uses tkinter.

What will likely be here someday

  • The Scrambler Handler - a python program to find anagrams of words, including multiple words.
  • The Sortomatron - a python program to assist in human sorting of objects that can be subjectively ordered (originally designed for sorting my massive Steam wishlist).
  • I'm taking some time to make these programs at least *usable* by others before putting them up here - they're all sort of originally written for myself only. And I should warn you: unlike some of the fantastic software developers around geminispace, I have no idea what I am doing. No guarantees that any of this stuff works; and if you look at the code, don't expect to like what you see.

    All software located in this directory is licensed under the Unlicense. This may tempt you to try to build something based on it. I recommend against this: it's honestly going to be easier to take the idea and just build it yourself from scratch.